Research Projects

In-house Research Projects Assessment of Exploited Marine Fishery Resources
Stock Assessment techniques for exploited marine fish and shellfish resources
Appraisal of marine fisheries of West Bengal
Application of simulation models for marine fisheries management game (Completed)
Determination of optimum sample size to evaluate the catch and effort for use in marine fisheries (Completed)
Sponsored Research Projects Marine Fisheries Census (Completed)
Predictive Modeling in Marine Fisheries od South west coast of India (Completed)
In-house Research Projects Development of management strategies for sustainable fishery of sardines (Sardinella spp.) (PEL/CAP/1)
Management advisories for sustaining marine fisheries of Kerala and Lakshadweep (PEL/IDP/01)
Strategies for sustaining the tuna fisheries along the coast of India (PEL/IDP/03)
Management advisories for Sustaining Marine Fisheries of Karnataka (PEL/IDP/02)
Sponsored Research Projects Integrated National Agricultural Resources Information System -NATP
MOES funded projects: Assessment of myctophid resources in the Arabian sea and development of harvest and post harvest technologies
MoES-CMLRE funded project - Assessment of fishery resources along the Indian continental slope (200-1000m) and Central Indian Ocean
In-house Research Projects Management advisories for sustainable marine fisheries of Gujarat. (DEM/ IDP/ 02)
Management advisories for sustaining marine fisheries of Tamilnadu and Puducherry (DEM/IDP/01)
Carbon sequestration potential of Indian seaweeds (DEM/IDP/03)
In-house Research Projects Investigations on the fishery and biological characteristics of exploited penaeid shrimp stocks
Stock assessment and management of non-penaeid shrimp resources of India
Resource damage assessment in marine fisheries: Impact of selective fishing of juveniles, low value bycatch and discards from trawl (CF/IDP/02)
Sponsored Research Projects NAIP: Value Chain on Oceanic Tunas
In-house Research Projects Application of trophic modeling in marine fisheries management (MF/CAP/01)
Trophic modeling for marine fisheries management (MF/CAP/02)
Technological upgradation of molluscan mariculture (MD/IDP/02)
Sponsored Research Projects Demonstration & transfer Technology of marine pearl culture .(P.fucata)
Utilization strategy for oceanic squids Cephalopoda in Arabian sea A value chain approach
NAIP - A value chain on high value shellfishes from mariculture systems
Sponsored Research Projects MOES funded project : Flow of matter through trophic levels and biogeochemical cycles in marine and estuarine ecosystems
National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA)
Assessment of spawning behaviour of major fish species in marine environments with a view to harness the beneficial effects of temperature (NICRA)
Studies on marine mammals of Indian EEZ & contiguous seas
Installation of water purification and life supporting systems, ecosystem development and live stock maintenance in the Marine Aquarium at Surat , Phase 2
Consultancy on artificial reefs in inshore waters of two districts of Tamil Nadu (Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur)
Consultancy on artificial reefs in inshore waters of four districts of Tamil Nadu. (Caddalore, Villupuram, Nagapattinum and Kanyakumari)
In-house Research Projects Impact of anthropogenic activities on coastal marine environment and fisheries (FEM/01)
Impact and yield study of environmental changes on the distribution shift in small pelagic along the Indian coast (FEM/02)
Development of fisheries ecosystem restoration plans for critical marine habitats for necessary action (FEM/RE/03)
In-house Research Projects ICAR Outreach Activity -2 Fish feeds (MBTD/NUT/01)
Pathogen profiling, diagnostics and health management in maricultured finfish and shellfish (MBTD/PATH/01)
In-house Research Projects Benefit cost analysis of Marine Fishery Business and alternative investment options
Total Factor Productivity(TFP) analysis of marine fisheries in India
A diagnostic study on dimensions, causes, and ameliorative strategies of Poverty and Marginalization among the marine fisher folk of India.
Coastal rural Indebtedness and Impact of Microfinance in Marine fisheries Sector
Impact of WTO regulations on Indian fisheries trade : A policy perspective
Sponsored Research Projects Sponsored project : Assessment of literacy, income and health status of fishers in India
In-house Research Projects Species variation and biodiversity of the fishes of the family Lutjanidae of India
Biodiversity valuation of marine ecosystem of the southwest coast of India (MBD/RE/06)
Understanding the Threatened Coral Reef Ecosystem of Southern India and Designing Interventions Aimed at Their Restoration (MBD/RE/01)
Assessment of biodiversity and ecological changes in open sea cage farming (MBD/RE/05)
Sponsored Research Projects MoEF funded project - Bio-inventorisation of coral fishes of South India with special reference to threats and conservation measures
In-house Research Projects Innovations in sea cage farming and development of Capture Based Aquaculture systems
Technology development for seed production of shellfish (MD/IDP/01)
Mariculture of selected species of conservation importance (MD/05)
Broodstock development, captive breeding and seed production techniques for selected marine fin fishes and ornamental fishes (MD/IDP/03)
Sponsored Research Projects Development and evaluation of Greenwater technology for aquatic bioremediation in coastal aquaculture system (DBT)
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