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  1. 1.       

On farm testing on liming and micronutrient management in Malabar Tamarind (Garcinia Camboge) to enhance productivity (Cont. OFT)

Shri. Shoji Joy Edison,

SMS (Horticulture)


  1. 2.       

On farm testing on performance of composted cocopeat enriched with ICAR-IIHR AMC as medium for raising vegetable seedlings

Shri. Shoji Joy Edison,

SMS (Horticulture)


  1. 3.       

On farm testing fish silage based foliar spray on the productivity of green chilly

Shri. Shoji Joy Edison,

SMS (Horticulture)


  1. 4.       

Evaluation of survival rate and growth performance of Indian Pompano (Trachinotus mookalee) in low saline water bodies.

Dr. Vikas P.A., SMS (Fisheries)

  1. 5.       

On farm testing of growth performance of ICAR-CIFA Jayati Rohu (Labeo rohita) in Ernakulam district

Dr. Vikas P.A., SMS (Fisheries)

  1. 6.       

On farm testing of production of Omega 3 fatty acid enriched poultry eggs using ICAR-CIFT technology

Dr. K.Smita Sivadasan, SMS

(Animal Husbandry)


  1. 7.       

OFT on efficiency of various microbial consortium for the conversion of fish waste to mannure

Smt. P. Sreeletha, SMS

(Home Science)


  1. 8.       

Assessment of eco friendly management of Banana Rhizome weevil

Shri. F.Pushparaj Anjelo, SMS (Agril. Extension) 

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