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KVK Ernakulam delivering ready-to cook cut vegetables to Kochi homes during lockdown

KVK Ernakulam delivering ready-to cook cut vegetables to Kochi homes during lockdown

The Ernakulam Krishi Vigyan Kendra commenced door delivery of ready-to-cook cut vegetables to Kochi homes during lockdown. The cut vegetables in convenience packs designed to suit Kerala cuisine are sourced directly from the farmers of Ernakulam district and minimally processed by The Kothamangalam agriculture farmer producer company Ltd., an FPO registered by NABARD, Kerala. This initiative commenced primarily to assist farmers to market their produce is also helping housewives in the city to get quality vegetables without stepping out of their homes. No need of vegetable waste disposal is an added advantage for them.  The orders placed via WhatsApp message before 10.00 am every day is delivered next day before 9.00 am. Ready to cook packets of SambarAvial and Erissery, nendran banana, cowpea, yam mezhukkupuratti, ivy guard thoran, Nendran, njalipoovan, poovan banana and cut pineapple fruits are made available initially.  Subsequently snake guard, Jack and tapioca were added. Currently the cut vegetable menu of KVK comprises of 20 items. Farmers of Ernakulam have come up with support to this mission of KVK.


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KVK Ernakulam commenced door delivery of fish seeds and feed during Lockdown

KVK Ernakulam commenced door delivery of fish seeds and feed during Lockdown

As part of extending services to fish farmers of the district during lockdown, the KVK (Ernakulam) commenced door delivery of Pearlspot (Karimeen) fish seeds and feed to the farmers. The KVK also urged farmers to prepare their ponds and learn scientific fish farming as a lockdown pass time activity. In order to support farmers, an online class was also delivered on 15th April 2020. The KVK is expected to deliver 20,000 seeds and 200 kg feed during the lock down period out of which 5000 seeds and 50 kg feed delivered till 20th April 2020. The seeds are carefully packed in oxygen filled bags each containing 50 numbers.


Pearlspot delivery small.jpg

KVK Ernakulam delivering fresh fish directly from farmers to Kochi homes during lockdown

KVK Ernakulam delivering fresh fish directly from farmers to Kochi homes during lockdown

Main fish landing centers and retail fish outlets are closed completely or partially due to the Corona pandemic in the country. This has created crisis in fresh fish availability and so in Kerala homes as most Malayalees cannot imagine a lunch without fish! On the other hand, fish farmers are also facing issues in marketing their fish and struggling to maintain fish stock due to high operational expenditure and feed cost. In this context the KVK (Ernakulam) of ICAR-CMFRI commenced a fresh fish door delivery mechanism through its SHG  Kadappuram fresh fish vitharana sangam.  The SHG collect fish from KVK’s partner farmers at farm gate, clean and supply to the consumer homes. Every day morning, the consumers get picture of fish along with price through WhasApp message and cleaned fish delivered before noon. Farmers are so happy that they get payment instantly at their farms. The supply commenced two days after the lock down, i.e on 27th  March and the average daily supply is 510 kg worth 1.6 lakhs catering to 350 homes daily. The KVK imparted training to the said SHG on corona prevention protocol and issued a certificate for authenticity and smooth transportation.

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KVK Ernakulam supplied poultry chicks at door steps in lockdown, gives online classes

KVK Ernakulam supplied poultry chicks at door steps in lockdown, gives online classes

The Ernakulam Krishi Vigyan Kendra supplied 1500 poultry chicks at door steps of farmers during the time of lockdown and gave online class in KVK’s facebook page on how to rear them to produce meat and eggs. KVK also urged farmers and public to effectively utilize lock down time to learn and practice self production of safe food materials even in limited space. Two months old and properly vaccinated chicks of Kadaknath (Karimkozhi) and Thalasserry desi birds were supplied as part of this venture.

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KVK extended Agriculture online advisory services during lockdown


Subsequent to the call from Hon’ble Chief minister of Kerala to get engaged in vegetable farming in homesteads during the lockdown time, the Ernakulam KVK commenced online advisory. The contact number of Subject matter Specialist (Horticulture) was published in leading News papers to enable farmers to contact. Daily average advisory rate since 7th April 2020 was 16/ day.  So far the KVK has attended to 231 farmers.


KVK Ernakulam commenced supply of Amur Carp seeds

KVK Ernakulam commenced supply of Amur Carp seeds

 The KVK Ernakulam of CMFRI commenced supply of Amur carp seeds 5th March 2020 onwards through KVKs salescounter located at ICAR Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi, Kerala.The Amur carp fish fries sourced from  Fisheries Research and Information Centre  (Inland), Karnataka Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bengaluru were fattened to fingerlings at KVKs satellite seed fattening units located in partner farmers fields. The fingerlings were packed in oxygen filled bags, branded and being sold.   

Amur carp 1.JPG

High growth rate (27 per cent faster than common carp), Late maturing, Artificial feed acceptability, Less susceptible for diseases are the advantages that is expected to make this species popular among Kerala farmers. This fresh water fish can ideally survive within the temperature range of 3–35oC. Anticipated production is 1000–2000 kg/ha/season. It can be cultured along with Chinese major carps, Indian major carps and tilapia, whereas it is not advisable to farm Amur carp in tanks or cages on commercial scale.

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KVK Ernakulam of CMFRI salutes Empowered women


AMUR Carp fingerlings are ready for sale


അമൂർ കാർപ് മൽസ്യക്കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങൾ വിൽപ്പനയ്ക്ക് 
കർണ്ണാടക വെറ്റിനറി ആൻഡ് അനിമൽ സയൻസ് യൂണിവേഴ്സിറ്റി വികസിപ്പിച്ചെടുത്തതും  വേഗത്തിൽ വളരുന്നതുമായ അമൂർ കാർപ് മൽസ്യക്കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങൾ   എറണാകുളം കെ വി കെ യിൽ വിൽപ്പനക്ക് തയ്യാറായിട്ടുണ്ട്.  3  മുതൽ 7 സെന്റി മീറ്റർ വലുപ്പമുള്ള 50 കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങൾ അടങ്ങിയ ഓക്സിജൻ നിറച്ച ഒരു ബാഗിന്  575 രൂപയാണ് വില. എറണാകുളം ഹൈകോർട്ടിന് സമീപമുള്ള സി എം എഫ് ആർ ഐ യിലുള്ള കെ വി കെ വിതരണ കേന്ദ്രത്തിൽ മുൻകൂട്ടി   പണമടച്ചു ബുക്ക് ചെയ്യണം. മാർച്ച് 5   മുതൽ വിതരണം ആരംഭിക്കും. കൂടുതൽ വിവരങ്ങൾക്ക്  8281757450, 0484 2394296 Extn 468 (9.30 am to 4.30 pm)
സീനിയർ സയന്റിസ്റ് & ഹെഡ്,  എറണാകുളം കെ വി കെ

Pearlspot seed producing farmers meet conducted

Pearlspot seed producing farmers meet conducted   

Pearlspot seed producing farmers meet was conducted by KVK on 17th January 2020 at CMFRI, Kochi. Various issues and challenges faced by the seed producers were discussed. Seed marketing, flood, poor water quality and biosecurity were identified as major issues that require immediate solution.  Centralized marketing through KVK sal​scounter, registration of seed units, seeking financial assistance to strengthen seed units in a project mode were decided. Dr. Shinoj Subramannian, Head, KVK Ernakulam and Dr. P.A Vikas SMS (Fisheries) were present.




ICAR KVK Ernakulam observed VIGILANCE AWARENESS WEEK during 28th October to 2nd November 2019 in a befitting manner by organizing various programmes for its staff, line department officials, farmer partners, self help group members and students.  KVK facilitated taking Integrity e pledge to KVK staff and partner farmers. 

Integrity pledge to KVK officers administered  on 28th October 2019. An essay writing competition on the topic “MAKE INTEGRITY A WAY OF LIFE”  was organized on 31st October 2019 for students of  Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School, Aluva, Ernakulam. Master Muhammed Nabban, Ms.  Avanthika Lakshmi and  Ms..Nimmy K Jolly respectively won first, second and third prizes.  Smt. Sumina K George, Principlal of the school and  Dr.P.A.Vikas, subject Matter Specialist of the Kendra distributed trophies to the winners. Banners were displayed in front of KVK sales counter and Farmshppe for the benefit of Public.

KVKs Swachtha Pakhwada activity: Supply of Planting media made using Sugar Industry waste

KVKs Swachtha Pakhwada activity: Supply of Planting media made using Sugar Industry waste

As part of its Swachtha Pakhwada activity, the Ernakulam KVK of CMFRI demonstrated Soil less planting media made from Sugar industry waste and supplied 126 numbers of 10 Kg packets during the Food Agro Expo organized by Kerala State Department of Industries & Commerce at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kochi during 20th to 23rd December 2019. Sugar Industry waste called "Press mud" is abundantly available in Sugar mills. Whereas, due to the shortage of soil, urban farmers in Ernakulam are finding it difficult to rear crops. It is in this context, Ernakulam KVK developed a planting media using press mud as one component.

Buyer Seller Meet to Promote Farmer Producers

Buyer Seller Meet to Promote Farmer Producers 

Aimed at avoiding middlemen and connecting primary producers to a wide range of buyers, the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) and Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) will conduct a buyer seller meet of food and agriculture products from November 14 to 16.  Farmers, farmer producer companies, self-help groups and agri start-ups from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka will introduce their products at the meet, which is supported by the NABARD. The meet is also intended to support organic farmers and farmer producer groups to popularise their products in the market and to promote safe food products among.

Buyers such as major organic shops, grocery stores, super markets, government organisations, co-operative stores, fertilizer dealers and wholesale dealers in agri-aqua-animal industry will attend the meet.

The buyer seller meet is a unique business opportunity for traders to reach to the primary producers of a range of quality products like rice, cereals, pulses, vegetable oils, dairy products, egg, meat, fresh fish, vegetables, spices and value added products. It is expected that around 500 food-and-agri products will get business deals during the three-day event. The sellers will display their products to potential buyers and sell them to the public. In addition, organic manures, other agro-aqua-animal inputs will also be available at the meet.

Only the farmers, farmer producer companies, self-help groups and start-ups who are recognised by government agencies such as agriculture universities, government agriculture department, Krishi Vigyan Kendras and NABARD will be allowed to sell their products at the meet. The spot registered buyers will be provided time slots and exclusive discussion space to conduct business discussions with the sellers.

The buyer seller meet is a part of food and agriculture fest to be held at CMFRI in association with the Swadeshi Science Movement from November 14 to 16. The fest will have panel discussions, awareness classes for students among many other attractions such as exhibitions and sales of food and aqua-agri products.

For more details, call 9400257798



കാർഷിക സംരംഭങ്ങൾ തുടങ്ങുന്നതിന് ബാങ്ക് വായ്പ, ബോധവത്കരണ പരിപാടിയുമായി കെ വി കെ
എറണാകുളം ജില്ലാ കൃഷിവിജ്ഞാന കേന്ദ്രം കൃഷി-മത്സ്യകൃഷി-മൃഗസംരക്ഷണ-ഭക്ഷ്യ സംസ്‌കരണ മേഖലകളിൽ സംരംഭങ്ങൾ തുടങ്ങാൻ താൽപര്യമുള്ളവർക്കായി ബാങ്ക് ഓഫ് ഇന്ത്യയുമായി സഹകരിച്ച് കൊച്ചി സി എം എഫ് ആർ ഐയിൽ വച്ച് നവംബർ 6ന് 10 മുതൽ 12.30 വരെ ഒരു ബോധവത്കരണ പരിപാടി നടത്തുന്നു. പങ്കെടുക്കാൻ താൽപര്യമുള്ളവർ മുൻകൂട്ടി രജിസ്റ്റർ ചെയ്യണം. ഫോൺ 8281757450

Senior scientist & Head, KVK Ernakulam

Vigilance Awareness Week 2019


Vigilance Awareness Week 2019
I request you to participate in the  endeavor of KVK  Ernakulam   to "Make Integrity A Way of Life" among its stakeholders. Please   click the  link 
and take Integrity Pledge of Central Vigilance Commission of India online. Please also  share screen shot of your  certificate.
Thanks & regards
Dr. Shinoj subramannian
Senior Scientist & Head
KVK Ernakulam





KVK conducted two days training programme on Karimeen (Pearl spot) seed production technology on 29th to 30th August 2019.  The programme covered pond preparation, brook stock selection, breeding, feeding, seed collection, packing and transportation and experience sharing by previously trained farmers. Two seed production farms were visited and ineracted  with farmers. 
With conduct of this training programme, KVK is developing skils and enhance local production to meet the ever increasing demand of pearlspot seeds.  KVK is currently marketing Pearlspot seeds produced by similarly trained farmers from previous batches. This arrangement also enhances their income. 

Pearlspot (Karimeen) seeds ready for sale

Pearlspot (Karimeen) seeds ready for sale 

The ICAR-KVK Ernakulam of CMFRI is supplying good quality Pearl spot (Karimeen) seeds through its sales counter at CMFRI, located near High Court junction by the side of Goshree Road, Kochi, Kerala. The fingerings of size 4 to 7cm are supplied in oxygen filled packets each containing 50 numbers. Since Pearlspot grows in both brackish water and fresh water, fingerlings acclimatized to both conditions are available. One packet costs Rs.575/-. Booking can be done on all working days between 9.30 am to 4.30 pm at KVKs sales counter by paying total amount or by making online money transfer to KVKs bank account 34400988082, IFSC SBIN0016860. Those who book online need to inform  remittance details and packet type (Brackish water/fresh water) to 8281757450 and also bring the receipt while collecting seed packets. Seeds can be collected from KVK Salescounter on every month first Saturday at 11.00 am.  Please contact above number for further information.

കരിമീൻ കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങൾ വിൽപനയ്ക്ക്

എറണാകുളം കൃഷി വിജ്ഞാന കേന്ദ്രം മേൽത്തരം കരിമീൻ കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങളെവിപണനം ചെയ്യുന്നുഹൈക്കോടതി ജംക്ഷനടുത്ത് ഗോശ്രീ റോഡിലുള്ളകേന്ദ്ര സമുദ്ര മൽസ്യ ഗവേഷണ സ്ഥാപനത്തിലെ  കെ.വി.കെ വിപണനകേന്ദ്രത്തിലൂടെയാണ് വിതരണം. 4 മുതൽ 7  സെ .മി വരെ വലുപ്പമുള്ള 50കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങളടങ്ങിയ ഓക്സിജൻ നിറച്ച ഒരു പാക്കറ്റിന്  575 രൂപയാണ്വിലകരിമീൻ ഓരു ജലത്തിലും ശുദ്ധജലത്തിലും വളരും എന്നതിനാൽപ്രത്യേകം പാക്കറ്റുകൾ ലഭ്യമാണ്. വിപണന കേന്ദ്രത്തിൽ നേരിട്ടോ കെ വി കെയുടെ ബാങ്ക് അകൗണ്ടിലോ (Account No : 34400988082 IFSC : SBIN0016860) മുഴുവൻപണവുമടച്ച് ബുക്ക് ചെയ്യുന്നവർക്ക് എല്ലാ മാസവും ആദ്യത്തെശനിയാഴ്ച രാവിലെ 11 മണി മുതൽ കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങളെ ലഭിക്കുംബാങ്ക് അകൗണ്ടിൽപണം നിക്ഷേപിക്കുന്നവർ പണമടച്ച വിവരവും ഓരു ജലത്തിലാണോശുദ്ധജലത്തിലാണോ കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങളെ ആവശ്യം എന്ന കാര്യവും 8281757450 എന്നനമ്പറിൽ വിളിച്ച് അറിയിക്കുകയുംവിതരണം നടത്തുന്ന ദിവസംറെസിപ്റ്റുമായി വരികയും ചെയ്യേണ്ടതാണ് . ദിവസേന ബുക്കിങ്സ്വീകരിക്കും.  കൂടുതൽ  വിവരങ്ങൾക്ക് മേൽപറഞ്ഞ ഫോൺനമ്പറിൽ ബന്ധപ്പെടാവുന്നതാണ്.

Fruit sapling sales mela

KVK Ernakulam of CMFRI is conducting fruit sapling sales mela on 12th July 2019 from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm at CMFRI, Kochi located behind High court. Quality saplings of Mango, Jackfruit, Guava, Papaya, rose apple, Indian gooseberry, egg fruit, curry lemon, small lemon, garcinia, west indian cherry, passion fruit, star apple, tissue culture banana along with seed propagated curry leaf and bush pepper are available for sale. This is the right time do plant  fruit saplings. Quality organic inputs are also made available for farmers at KVKs sales counter



The Ernakulam KVK of ICAR-CMFRI commenced sale of Karimeen (Pearlspot) fish seeds produced at its partner farmers fields (the satellite seed production centres of KVK) on 28th June 2019.  The first sale held  at KVK sales counter located at CMFRI, Kochi distributed 9950 numbers of seeds realizing INR. 1,14,425/- to three  numbers of partner farmers.   The unique concept of satellite production centres is envisaged to produce and distribute quality agro inputs in partnership with farmers while ensuring enhanced and assured income for them.


Karimeen seed packet.jpg

Packet of Pearlspot seeds supplied by Ernakulam KVK.



KVK conducted two days training programme on Karimeen(Pearl spot) seed production technology on 2nd and 3rd July 2019.  The programme covered pond preparation, brook stock selection, feeding and experience sharing by previously trained farmers. Two farms were visited by the trainees, one successful and another failed attempt. With the conduct of such training programmes, KVK aims to develop seed production enterpreuners and extending market support through a buy back arrangement. While enhancing income of partner farmers, this arrangement can increase availability of authentic seeds and boost local production of pearlspot.
The trainees learning seed packing in oxygen filled covers



The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India invites applications for Bal Shakti Puraskar and Bal Kalyan Puraskar under PRADHAN MANTRI RASHTRIYA BAL PURASKAR-2020. Award is constituted for felicitating meritorious children, individuals and institutions of the country .  Bal Shakti Puraskar aims to give recognition to children who have achieved extraordinarily in various fields including innovation, scholastic, sports, art & culture, social service and bravery, the Bal Kalyan Puraskar is given as recognition to Individuals and Institutions, who have made an outstanding contribution towards service for children in the field of child development, child protection and child welfare. The detailed guidelines  may be perused on the exclusive website for Awards i.e. Please note that only online application forms will be entertained. Forms submitted through any other mode will not be considered for the Awards. These Awards are given by the Honble President of India in Darbar Hall, Rashtrapati Bhavan on week preceding Republic Day every year. Honble Prime Minister of India also felicitates the Awardees. The Awardees of Bal Shakti Puraskar also take part in Republic Day Parade on the 26th of January in Rajpath, New Delhi. The last date of receipt of application forms is 31.08.2019.  

Ernakulam KVKs products should reach farmers of all districts- Shri.V.S.Sunil Kumar, Kerala Minister for Agriculture

Ernakulam KVKs products should reach farmers of all districts -Shri.V.S.Sunil Kumar, Kerala Minister for Agriculture

Advt.V.S. Sunil Kumar, Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Kerala  during his visit to the exhibition stall of Ernakulam KVK  that was set up as part of the State level inauguration of Njattuvela Fest at Choornikkara, Ernakulam suggested that efforts need to be taken to popularise the organic agro inputs of Ernakulam KVK among farmers of all districts in Kerala. The programme held on 22nd June, 2019 displayed more than 20 products such as Panchagavya, Sea fish extract, micronutrient mixtures, cassava leaf extract based pesticides Nanma, Menma, Shakthi, Shreya , other organic pest repellents like Neem soap, Tobacco decoction kit and  Organic manures  gomutra, organo excel, enriched neem cake, fishlizer, vermi compost. Pheromone traps for vegetable, mango, coconut shell trap, Homestead drip irrigation kit, Composting media and KAU bioagents  were also displayed.  

njattuvela fest.jpg

Advt.V.S. Sunil Kumar, Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Kerala​ visiting KVK stall

KVK conducted one day Vegetable seedling sales mela

KVK conducted one day Vegetable seedling sales mela

The ICAR- KVK Ernakulam of CMFRI has organized one day vegetable seedling sales mela at Palluruthy block panchayath office on 10th June 2019. Shri. C.K.Peethambaran, President, Palluruthy block panchayath inaugurated the mela. High yielding hybrids of Tomato, brinjal, chilly and best performing varieties of cowpea and Okra were supplied to farmers. Seed propagated curry leaf seedlings were also supplied.

Graduate students from Michigan State University USA visited KVKs partner farmers fields

Seven under graduate Social sciences students and two faculty from Michigan State University USA has visited KVKs partner farmers fields located at Neericode Manjummel and Thammanam in Ernakulam district of Kerala on 11th June 2019 as part of the Student Exposure Training Programme  at ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute Kochi. Banana farming, Vegetable farming,  Integrated farming system, Medicinal plant cultivation and Homestead farming models were demonstrated followed by a lecture on Agro ecological paradigms of Kerala ​by Dr.P.Muralidharan, Principal Scientist and Head, ICAR KVK Alappuzha of ICAR Central Plantation Crops Research Institute

MSU students visit small.jpg


Michigan State University​ students visiting a medicinal plant farm near Ernakulam, Kerala

KVK launches farm service centre to support farmers

KVK launches farm service centre to support farmers


In an effort to combat shortage of skilled labour for farming activities in the district, the Ernakulam Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) has launched a farm service centre equipped with a wide range of farm machineries and equipments to offer paid services in all kinds of farm initiatives. Aqua, animal and agri farmers of Ernakulam district can avail the facility.


The centre will offer all kinds of farm supports to the farmers using the machineries such as tractors, power tiller, power weeder, different types of ploughs, rotavators, earth augers, motorized and hand operated sprayers, paddy transplanter, agro waste shredder, slurry pump, water pump etc. In addition, scientific advisories will be provided during the farm visits.


Dr. A Gopalakrishnan, Director of CMFRI  inaugurated the functioning of the farm service centre on 3rd june 2019. The new initiative from the KVK will be beneficial to hundreds of farmers in the district who are struggling owing to the shortage of technically trained labourers. The farm service centre has been set up with a cost of Rs. 40 lakhs under a project of the Union government to popularise the mechanised farming. Presently, trained staff of the KVK will provide the technical services such as land preparation, pond preparation, fish cage fabrication, ploughing and so on. Self-help groups will be formed in the future to make available the farm services to large-scale farmers in future. More equipments and machinery will be added soon.

Farm Advisory small.jpg


Dr A Gopalakrishnan, Director of CMFRI inaugurating the farm service centre.




The Ernakulam KVK of ICAR-CMFRI has set up poultry units in selected homesteads of Narakkal grama panchayath to create a model that produce quality eggs and supplies to city consumers in attractive packets.  The poultry units consisting of improved cages, layer poultry birds and feeds were distributed by Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI, Kochi to selected scheduled caste families coming under BPL category on 29th May 2019. The funding for the units was provided by ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Kasaragod under its Scheduled Caste Sub Plan.

The 45 units distributed in the initial phase is expected to produce one lakh eggs per year that would be supplied through the Farm Shoppe of KVK functioning at CMFRI.

Though many housewives in the city are interested to rear poultry and produce safe and quality eggs, lack of enough space is the preventing factor. On the other hand, house wives in the villages like Narakkal are looking for income by not compromising their regular works at home. It is in this context that the KVK chalked out a plan to produce eggs at village homesteads and to create its supply chain. The KVK is currently supplying branded desi poultry eggs produced in the households near Piravom through its Farm Shoppe.



Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI​ handing over poultry units

Cornell University students visited KVKs partner farmers fields

Cornell University students visited KVKs partner farmers fields


Fifty students and faculty from College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA visited KVKs parterns fields located at Pizhala and Manjali on 5th and 6th January 2019. The visits were as part of the  course “International Agriculture and Rural Development (IARD)” . Students learned fish and tuber crop farming practices in the area and interacted with farmers to learn their best practices and socio economic aspects. They got first hand experience on cage fish farming, Pokkali fish shrimp integrated farming, Chinese dip net units etc. 

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KVK conducted short course Aquaculture Worker

KVK conducted short course Aquaculture Worker

The Ernakulam KVK conducted a short course Aquaculture Worker of Agricultureal Skill Council of India (ASCI) during  26th November to 20th December 2018. The programme was part of the unique initiative of Government of India Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)funded by RKVY. The course imparted skill training to 20 candidates including two women.


Government of India launched Kisan Suvidha Mobile App

Government of India launched Kisan Suvidha Mobile app. Information on weather, market places, plant protection, agro advisory, details of seed, pesticide, fertilizer and farm machinery dealers, cold storage, godowns etc., The app has special provision to have direct interface with experts (Kissan call centre) and has provision to download the soil health card by entering the registered mobile number in the link available. The information available in the app enables farmers to make informed decisions in choice of seed varieties, time of sowing and harvesting, organizing better storage facilities, sell produce at the right place and right time etc.,

The Kisan Suvidha Mobile app can be downloaded from google play store using the following link:

Trainers training programme conducted

Trainers training programme conducted

KVK Ernakulam conducted  Trainers training programme on Cage Fish Farming exclusively for the Kerala KVK staff  during 26th to 27th October 2018 at ICAR CMFRI, Kochi. Method of site selection, cage design, fabrication, installation, species selection, feed management, marketing methods were covered.  Demonstration on floating cage fabrication and installation were conducted at Pizhala, Ernakulam. Interaction with KVKs Aquataskforce and progressive farmers were also conducted






KVK Ernakulam observed VIGILANCE AWARENESS WEEK  during 29th October to 3rd November 2018 in a befitting manner by organizing various programmes for its staff, line department officials, farmer partners, self help group members and students.  KVK facilitated taking Integrity e pledge to all KVK staff and 20 selected farmers. An essay writing competition on the topic ERADICATE CORRUPTION - BUILD A NEW INDIA was organized for students of  Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School, Narakkal, Ernakulam. Ms. Ann Mariya Antony, Ms.Sariga Omanakuttan and  Ms.Akhila p Wilson respectively won first, second and third prizes.  Trophies and certificates were distributed to the winners. Smt.Jayashree, Vice Principlal of the school, Shri.Pushparaj Anjelo, Shri.Shoji Joy Edison and Dr.P.A.Vikas, subject Matter Specialists of the Kendra participated in conducting the programme. Banners were displayed in front of KVK salescounter located at CMFRI, Kochi and KVK campus, Narakkal. Dr. P A Joseph administered integrity pledge to 58 officers of Agricultural Technology Management Agency, Ernakulam on 29th November 2018 at CMFRI, Kochi. Dr.Shinoj Subramanmnian, Senior scientist & Head delivered a talk on Eradicating corruption towards building a new India to selected women self help group members on 3rd November 2018 at CMFRI, Kochi and subsequently administered integrity pledge. The SHG members shared their experiences on fighting against corruption. Smt.P.Sreeletha, Subject Matter Specialist moderated the discussion. 
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Jayanti rohu fish seed supply commenced from KVKs Satellite seed production centre

Jayanti rohu fish seed supply commenced from KVKs Satellite seed production centre 

The Ernakulam Krishi Vigyan Kendra of CMFRI commenced supply of Jayanthi Rohu fish seeds from one of its Satellite production centre (SPC) located near Kothamangalam, Ernakulam. The KVK sourced Jayanti rohu  (improved variety of Rohu) spawn  from ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar and reared for 2 months till fingerling stage in the SPCs. The partner farmers Mr.Luice G Kappan and Mr.TK Joseph who managed the SPC were given training prior to that. With the buyback arrangement of KVK, the farmers could earn Rs.60,000 and Rs. 30,000 respectively  from this 2 month venture.

 J Rohu sale mela web final.jpg

Jayanti rohu.jpg



ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra of CMFRI, Ernakulam and ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (CCARI), North Goa in collaboration with Kerala state animal husbandry department, Ernakulam district conducted animal health camps in the flood affected Aluva and Parur Taluks of Ernakulam district, Kerala during 2nd September -5th September 2018. Total of 15 health camps benefitting around 500 farmers and  20 house visits were taken up to treat severely affected animals. The major problems in the flood hit area are lack of dry fodder and grasses. Further, loss of condition and immunity has made the animals more prone to infectious and non-infectious diseases. Medicines and supplements worth INR 1.00 lakhs brought from ICAR-CCARI distributed to needy farmers. Dr.Sanjay Udharwar, Dr.Gokuldas P.P. and Dr. Chetankumar H.B., Scientists from ICAR-CCARI and Dr. K. Smita Sivadasan from KVK, Ernakulam participated. Local Veterinary surgeons of flood affected areas whole heartedly supported the venture. Dr.E.B. Chakurkar, Director, ICAR-CCARI made site visit on 5th September 2018, assessed progress of health camps and subsequently held a meeting with KVK and state department officials at CMFRI, Kochi. Dr.Shinoj subramannian, Head of KVK and Dr. Mary James, District Animal husbandry officer i/c participated and joint recommendations released.

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Treatments undertaken as part of Flood relief animal Health camps in Ernakulam web.jpg





The Krishi Vigyan Kendra Ernakulam of CMFRI is in the process of augmenting domestic production of seeds of Pearlspot, the State fish of Kerala. Seed shortage is one of the major reasons for low  availability of locally produced Pearlspot which is popular for its characteristic taste. In order to enhance seed availability, the KVK has developed 7 Satellite seed production centers in different farmers fields in Ernakulam district with funding support of National Fisheries Development Board  during 2016-17. These centers has overall  capacity of 2,50,00 seeds per annum.  In order to meet the ever increasing demand of Pearlspot seeds, KVK is in the process of establishing further Satellite seed production centres with participation of more farmers. As a primary step to achieve this, Seventy four farmers were imparted three days Entrepreunership development programme (EDP) on Pearlspot seed production" during 31st  July 2018 to 2nd August 2018 at ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi. The programe was conducted with the financial support from National fisheries Development Board , Hyderabad. 


KVK to promote responsible fish vending

KVK to promote responsible fish vending
The Ernakulam Krishi Vigyam Kendra of CMFRI is promoting responsible fish vending that ensures safe fish to consumers while maintaining the market clean and healthy. it became a regular programme of the Kendra to impart hands on training to fish vendors on  “Safe to eat fish sourcing, cleaned fish supply, waste to manure conversion and hygienic vending”. Under this programme, recently KVK trained 12 number of selected fish vendors from Vypeen harbour and as a result they are vending fish in a Market designated Poison free fish market (വിഷമുക്ത മത്സ്യ വിപണന കേന്ദ്രം) . Subsequently as requested by Fish farmers Development Society, Ernakulam another training was held for six members on 18th July 2018. Those who are interested in this programme can contact KVK @  8281757450   Certificates would be issued to successful candidates. 

KVK facilitated live webcast of Prime Ministers interaction with Women Self Help Group members

KVK facilitated live webcast of Prime Ministers interaction with Women Self Help Group members

The live webcast of Honb’le Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modi’s interaction with selected women Self help group (SHG) members in the country was held at Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) on 12th July 2018. Many women SHG members in Ernakulam district benefited.

Subsequent to the webcast, a session on ‘Schemes/loans from financial institutions for the benefit of SHG members and individuals’ led by Ms.Manisha Joby, Sr.Branch manager, Bank of India Thrissur was held. Mr Maheshkumar V,  Zonal Manager and other Bank of India officials interacted with the women SHG members.  

The bank officials and KVK experts together clarified queries of SHG members on technical issues and various Government schemes like Mudra loan, Stand up India, start ups etc. Formalities required for getting financial assistance and scope of expanding their present Agro enterprises were the topics of interest for the participants. KVK experts Dr P A Vikas, Shoji Joy Edison, Dr Smita Sivadasan and P Sreelatha participated. 


പൊക്കാളി കർഷക കമ്പനിയുടെ ഓഹരികൾ


പൊക്കാളി കർഷക കമ്പനിയുടെ ഓഹരികൾ വിൽപ്പനക്ക് 

കൊച്ചിഎറണാകുളം കൃഷി വിജ്ഞാന കേന്ദ്രത്തിന്റെ മേൽനോട്ടത്തിൽ പ്രവർത്തിക്കുന്ന പൊക്കാളി കർഷക ഉത്പാദക കമ്പനിയുടെ ഓഹരികൾവിൽപനയ്ക്ക് . സ്വന്തമായി പൊക്കാളി പാടമുള്ളവർക്ക് മാത്രമാണ് ഓഹരികൾ നൽകുകആയിരം രൂപയാണ് ഒരു ഓഹരിയുടെ മൂല്യം.പൊക്കാളി നെൽ-മത്സ്യ കൃഷിയിലൂടെയും അനുബന്ധ വാണിജ്യ സംരംഭങ്ങളിലൂടെയും കമ്പനിക്ക് ലഭിക്കുന്ന ലാഭവിഹിതം ഓഹരിപങ്കാളികൾക്ക് ലഭിക്കുംകൃഷിയിറക്കുന്നതും ഉത്പന്നങ്ങൾ വിറ്റഴിക്കുന്നതും മറ്റും കൂട്ടായി ചെയ്യുക വഴി കൃഷിച്ചിലവ് കുറച്ച് ഉലപന്നങ്ങൾക്കുകൂടുതൽ വില ലഭ്യമാക്കുവാനും കഴിയും.

 നബാർഡിന്റെ സാമ്പത്തിക സഹായത്തോടെയാണ് സിഎംഎഫ്ആർഐക്ക് കീഴിൽ പ്രവർത്തിക്കുന്ന എറണാകുളം കെവികെ പൊക്കാളി കർഷകഉത്പാദക കമ്പനി രെജിസ്റ്റർ ചെയ്തത്. രാജ്യത്ത് 2000 കർഷക ഉൽപാദന കമ്പനികൾ സ്ഥാപിക്കുന്നതിന്റെ ഭാഗമായായിരുന്നു ഇത്. കമ്പനിതുടങ്ങുന്നതിനും ആദ്യത്തെ മൂന്ന് വർഷത്തെ നടത്തിപ്പിനുമാണ് കെവികെ കർഷകരെ സഹായിക്കുന്നത്. തുടർന്ന് കർഷകർ തന്നെ കമ്പനിപ്രവർത്തനങ്ങളുമായി മുന്നോട്ടു പോകേണ്ടതാണ്. ലാഭവിഹിതം  പൂർണമായും കമ്പനിനിയിൽ ഓഹരിയുള്ളവർക്ക് ലഭിക്കും.

 അഞ്ഞൂറ് ഓഹരികളാണ് കമ്പനിക്കുള്ളത്. നിലവിൽ കമ്പനിയിൽ 10 ഡയറക്ടർ ബോർഡ് അംഗങ്ങളുണ്ട്. കൂടാതെ 130 ഓഹരികളുള്ള അമ്പതോളംപേരും കമ്പനിയുടെ ഭാഗമാണ്. എല്ലാവരും പൊക്കാളി കർഷകരാണ്. ബാക്കി വരുന്ന ഓഹരികളാണ് ഇപ്പോൾ ലഭ്യമാക്കുന്നത്.

 പൊക്കാളി കർഷകരുടെ വരുമാനം വർദ്ധിപ്പിക്കുവാനുതകുന്ന പൊക്കാളി നെൽ -ചെമ്മീൻ കൃഷി നടത്തിപ്പ്, വിപണനം, മത്സ്യക്കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങൾ,മത്സ്യത്തീറ്റ, വളങ്ങൾ തുടങ്ങിയവയുടെ വിപണനം തുടങ്ങി വിവിധ  വാണിജ്യ സംരംഭങ്ങൾ ജില്ലയിലെ പൊക്കാളി കർഷകർ ഒന്നിച്ച് ചേർന്ന്നടത്തുകയാണ് കമ്പനിയുടെ പ്രധാന ലക്ഷ്യം. തുടക്കത്തിൽ തന്നെ മത്സ്യത്തീറ്റ വിപണന കേന്ദ്രം നടത്തുവാനാണ് തീരുമാനം. കമ്പനിയിൽഅംഗങ്ങളായ കർഷകർക്ക് മത്സ്യത്തീറ്റ കുറഞ്ഞ വിലയിൽ ലഭ്യമാക്കുവാൻ കഴിയുന്നതോടൊപ്പം തുടർ പ്രവർത്തനങ്ങൾക്കു മൂലധനംസ്വരൂപിക്കുകയുമാണ് ലക്ഷ്യം. പൊക്കാളി ഉൽപ്പന്നങ്ങൾ ബ്രാൻഡ് ചെയ്ത് വിപണിയിലെത്തിക്കുകയാണ് കമ്പനിയുടെ അടുത്ത ലക്ഷ്യം.

 ഓഹരി വാങ്ങാൻ താല്പര്യമുള്ള കർഷകർ കെ വി കെ യുടെ 8281757450  എന്ന നമ്പറിൽ വിളിച്ചു രജിസ്റ്റർ ചെയ്താൽ അതാത് പ്രദേശങ്ങളിലെചുമതലപെടുത്തിയിട്ടുള്ള കർഷക പ്രതിനിധികൾ വഴി തുടർ നടപടികൾ സ്വീകരിക്കുന്നതാണ്.

KVKs technology support for ATMA programme

KVK provided technology backstopping for ATMA district specific activity Cage fish culture at Ernakulam district. The selected Karshakasangham group, Maattupuram was trained by KVK and provided support to fabricate and install cages in the brackishwater creek located at Maattupuram. Asian Seabass and Pearlspot was stocked in  the cages. KVK extended marketing support too by organizing Farm gate market at the field. Inauguration of marketing facility was done on 17th June 2018 at Maatupuram by Karumaalloor Grama Panchayath President Shri.G.D Raju,  ATMA Project Director Shri Usha Devi Assistant Director Shri. E.M Babitha, KVK Subject Matter Specialist  Dr.P.A Vikas  and other officials and  public representatives were present. Fish worth of Rs.2 lakhs could be sold. The farm gate arrangement could enhance farmers income by 35 per cent over and above the conventional practice of selling to middlemen. 





Live webcast of Honble Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modis interaction with farmers

Live webcast of Honble Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modi’s interaction with farmers by KVK 

KVK organised the event that was attended by around 150 farmers in the district. 

In connection with the programme, an interface meeting of KVK experts and farmers was also held. Farmers called for forming action force to solve the issue of pokkali harvest or developing suitable machinery to reap the pokkali crop. “Existing machinery is not fit for pokkali harvest and we are not getting labours to reap the pokkali crops. The situation is badly affecting the very existence of pokkali farming”, they said. The farmers also demanded that breeding technology and hatchery facility for mullet should be developed to solve the issue of seed scarcity in brackishwater fish farming in the district. Effective market strategies also should be developed for ensuring price for the crops, they said.

Seeds of vegetables and organic fertilisers of the KVK distributed to the farmers. Dr P A Vikas, Dr Smitha Sivadasan, P Sreelatha, Sajeev Nayarambalam and Baiju Mukkannoor among others spoke on the occasion.  


PM 3.jpg


PM 2.jpg


PM 1.jpg

International yoga day celebrated at KVK


International yoga day celebrated by KVK Ernakulam of CMFRI on 21st June 2016. Upa yoga was taught by volunteers Dr.Radhika Jayakumar and Mayil Anand from Isha Foundation, Coimbatore. KVK and CMFR staff participated in the programme. Yoga related video CDs and leaflets distributed to the participants.

Yoga 3.jpg



Yoga 2.jpg


Yoga 1.jpg

Mangrove afforestation as a natural defense mechanism


On the world Environment day occasion mangrove afforestation programme was conducted at KVK Narakkal campus on 5th June 2018. KVK and projects staff were actively participated in the programme. Hundred mangrove samplings of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza and Rhizophora apiculata collected from nearby mangrove area planted along the campus boarder facing Sea side as a natural barrier from heavy sea waves.




Mangrove 2.jpg


Mangrove 3.jpg



The ICAR-KVK Ernakulam of CMFRI celebrated World Fisheries Day on 21st November at Kothamangalam, Ernakulam, Kerala by conducting inland fish farmer’s meet to chalk out local strategies to double farmer’s income by 2022. Nearly 100 progressive inland fish farmers attended the programme. The Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly, Shri. Antony John MLA inaugurated the programme while Municipal ward councilor Smt. Mary Poulose presided over. Dr.Shinoj Subramannian, Head of KVK explained Government of India strategy to double farmer’s income by 2022 and Dr.Vikas P.A. Subject Matter Specialist explained various scientific strategies to augment inland fish production.

The meet suggested to venture into farm tourism to enhance farmer’s earnings. The strategic location of the place which is on the way to Munnar, a famous tourist destination of Kerala can be taken into advantage. Fish reared granite quarries and surrounding spice plantations can be utilized for farm tourism. The Periyar Valley Spice Farmer Producer Company formed and nurtured by KVK was entrusted to chalk out various tour packages including dining options with local traditional cuisines.   KVK would be coordinating with Department of tourism to obtain necessary licenses. In addition, business plans for fish seed rearing, feed supply, farmer operated fish market and inland fish farmer’s task force were chalked out. The whole package is expected to enhance inland fish farmer’s income in the area.  


WFD 1.jpg

wfd 2.jpgWFD 3.jpg

KVK conducted Entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) on Soil less media: Production technology and Marketing strategies

In an effort to develop entrepreneurs across the state for the commercial production of the soil-less media, that can be used as an alternative to soil in farming, the KVK  conducted a training programme at CMFRI, Kochi on 8th November 2017. During the programme, technology of the soil-less mix, which was recently developed by the KVK, was transferred to the participants. The mix was a huge hit among the farmers and public at the launch of the product two months ago. The KVK provided entrepreneurship development training to those who expressed willingness to produce the soil-less mix in commercial level. As many as 25 participants from various parts of Kerala attended the training. As part of the entrepreneurship development training, there was demonstration of the mechanized production techniques of the soil-less media and class on marketing strategies. The KVK would provide continuous technology backstopping for those who venture in this enterprise among these trainess. KVK is happy to transfer the technology of the soil-less mix to more people who are really interested in being entrepreneurs in the area. Training and technical support will be given in accordance with the demand for the same from the public. Those interested in the commercial production of the mix may register their names with the KVK at 8281757450.  

A view of the demonstration of the mechanised production techniques of the soil-less media as part of the entrepreneurship development training held at CMFRI 1.jpg





With continued awareness on safety of the food, a large number of populations in Kerala have come forward for farming and food production. Most of these activities are being done as a leisure time activity or as hobby. In order to sustainably develop farming and self sufficiency in food production requires strategies to attract more and more youngsters to farming. It is hopeful that many of our schools started giving adequate importance to Agriculture and related activities and many students developed interest towards organic farming. Sustainable approach for future require number of efficient Agricultural technocrats also to assist farmers at various levels.

In order to create awareness on the career opportunities in Agriculture and allied fields like Veterinary, Fisheries, Engineering, Dairy technology, Food technology etc., and also to answer student’s queries  on the farming activities which they undertake at their schools and homes,  the Krishi Vigyan Kendra Ernakulam of ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi has organized a one day event Sowing agriculture in young minds for 60 selected students from Gifted Students scheme functioning at various schools across Ernakulam district. The programme was held on 28th Saturday at CMFRI. Dr.A Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI inaugurated the programme and Dr.Shyam S Salim, Proncipal Scientist conducted a session on Careers in feeding masses-Study and Job opportunities in Agriculture and allied sectors. Shri.F.Pushparaj Anjelo, Shri,Shoji Joy Edison and  Dr.P.A Vikas  interacted with the students.

“We would be conducting a series of programmes under the title Sowing agriculture in young minds with an objective of attracting young generation to farming and Agricultural Science &Technology. Interested educational institutions can talk to KVK @ 8281757450” said Dr.Shinoj Subramannian, Senior Scientist & Head of KVK.

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Quiz competition as part of Swachhata Hi Seva campaign

Quiz competition as part of Swachhata Hi Seva campaign

In order to inculcate the importance of hygiene and sanitation in young minds, a quiz competition on the topic-Sanitation and hygiene was conducted as part of the Swachhata Hi Seva campaign at KVK campus on 28th September 2017. 59 students from Government Vocational Higher Secondary School,  Narakal, Ernakulam participated in the competition. Out of the five teams, team GREEN won the first prize and the team RED the second price. Prices were distributed by Smt. P. Sreeletha SMS (Home science) and Dr. P.A Vikas SMS (Fisheries) was the quiz master.



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KVKs New Soil-less Medium a Hit among Kochiites


The Ernakulam Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s new soil-less medium, that can be used as an alternative to soil in farming, has turned a hit among the Kochiites, receiving a huge response from the public at a sales mela held at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) on Thursday.

Around 1000 city residents visited the mela and purchased nearly 2000 packets of the product. The mela was conducted as part of popularising the new soil-less medium among the public. In addition, prior booking for around 5000 packets of the product also was received from the public at the sales mela.

The Ernakulam KVK, functioning under the CMFRI, developed the soil-less medium by using composted pressmud, a by-product from sugar mills along with coirpith , powdered cowdung, neem cake, dolomite and biocontrol agents.


Around 70 people approached the Business Desk at the mela expressing their willingness to produce the soil-less medium for commercial purpose. They were given assistance by extending technical details regarding investment and raw materials for manufacturing the product.


Huge rush was also experienced at the KVK Sales Counter at CMFRI, which is open on all working days, to purchase the products such as neem oil, neem cake, vegetable seeds, feeds, organic bio-pesticides and organic manure etc.


“We are happy that the product is receiving huge response from the public”, said Dr Shinoj Subramanyan, Head of the KVK. “Many people have approached us to utilise KVK technology for manufacturing the product in commercial purpose. KVK will provide a training programme to them in immediate future”, he added.


“While the scarcity of quality soil posing a challenge to the organic farmers in the city, the new soil-less mix could be of great advantage to them for growing vegetables and other plants. One packet of the product weighing 10 kg could be used for growing one plant and no growbag is required for the same”, he said.  


Considering the growing demand for the product, the KVK would again conduct a mela on 26 this month, he said.


Those interested in adopting the technology of KVK for the large-scale production of the soil-less mix may register their names by making a call to 8281757450.  



Celebration of Sewa Diwas at KVK Ernakulam

The Ernakulam KVK of CMFRI celebrated Sewa Diwas on 17th September 2017 at its campus. All staff together cleaned the office and its premises. Swachhta Hi Sewa banner displayed in front of the office building to give awareness among staff and public. Fish wastes collected from Ernakulam fish market was graded, shredded and put for composting in forced aerated composting system to convert waste into wealth. The ready manure mixture were packed and shipped to KVK sales counter for sales to promote organic farming in the district. Similarly packing of soil less media made out press mud a sugarcane industry waste were packed and shipped to KVK sales counter for sales with a view to promote organic farming using the composted wastes.


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KVK organized Sankalp Se Siddhi programme

The Ernakulam KVK organised the New India Manthan: Sankalp Se Siddhi programme on 24th August at the ICAR-CMFRI, Kochi.  Prof. K V Thomas, Member of Parliament, Ernakulam Constituency was the Chief Guest of the programme. He inaugurated the programme and administered the New India pledge.

Dr Pravin Puthra, Additional Director General of Indian Council of Agriculture (ICAR) explained the seven-point development strategies for doubling farmers’ income by 2022. A Malayalam translation of this write up was read and distributed to the farmers as well as media. An inspitational film re-mixed in local language was screened during the occasion. Dr A Gopalakrishnan, Director of ICAR-CMFRI presided. Dr Shinoj Subramanian, Head of Ernakulam KVK and Dr N Aswathy spoke on the occasion.

In addition, a farmer-scientist interface meeting also was conducted on the occasion. During the interface meeting, farmers raised questions about the organic vegetable farming, dairying, egg production, meat production, fish farming, soil management, organic fertilisers and value addition. Experts from CMFRI, Kerala Agricultural University and KVK answered their questions. Around 200 farmers attended the programme. All farmers were presented with a kit consisting of useful seeds and KVK publications.

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Participated in Exhibition

KVK participated in the Jaiva Jeevitham Onam exhibition organized by Jaivajeevitham Ernakulam during 25th August to 3rd September at RajendraMaidan, Ernakulam. KVK products& publications were displayed. There was a sale of the soil less planting media developed by KVK, produced and marketed by Vypeen Harithashree Self Help Group.


Orientation programme for Farmer Producer company share holders conducted

KVK is presently promoting two Farmer Producer Companies with financial assistance from National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). Farmer Producer Companies namely “Periyar valley spices farmer producer company Ltd. and Pokkali farmer producer company Ltd.” Were registered. KVK organized an orientation programme for the share holders of the two companies on 2nd August 2017 at CMFRI, Kochi. Dr. Shinoj Subramannian, Head, KVK Ernakulam introduced the probable business plans for both the companies. Mr. Joel George, Chartered accountant, M/s Balan & Company, Ernakulam delivered lead lecture about the Company incorporation act and follow up procedures. Shri. F PushparajAnjelo and Dr. P. A Vikas, Technical officers of the Kendra were present.


International yoga day celebrated

ternational yoga day was celebrated at the KVK on 21stJune 2017.  Video documentaries on "Introduction of Yoga and Significance of International Yoga day" by Spiritual leader and founder of Isha Foundation Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev were played on the occasion.20 members participated in the programme.Yoga Day.jpg

KVK (Ernakulam) got accreditation from Agricultural Skill Council of India (ASCI)

The Agricultural Skill Council of India (ASCI) has accredited KVK (Ernakulam) as a centre for conducting skill training programmes under Pradhan Mantri Kushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), programme. Subsequently, KVK has conducted two skill training courses of 25 days duration for 40 candidates on the topics “Aquaculture technician” and “Vermicompost Producer”. The programme is a unique initiative by Government of India that aims to impart  meaningful, industry relevant, skill based training to 24 lakh youth in the country


Trainees on Aquaculture TechnicianTrainees on Vermicompost Producer

KVK commenced farmer participatory Pearl spot seed production network


The ICAR- Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ernakulam of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, with funding of National Fisheries development board and with farmer’s participation has developed a network of pearlspot seed production units in the district. Pearlspot being a fish with low fecundity and having habit of parental care; produce less number of seeds. Hatchery production is also not viable. On the other hand, pearlspot is a fish of high demmand in Kerala. Low seed supply is identified as the main reason for less farming and low pearlspot production in the state. This necessitates import of the fish from nearby states; obviously of low quality.

The objective of National Fisheries development board while funding this project is to boost local pearl spot production. Selected farmers were trained on seed production in ponds located in their homesteads and nearby area. The produced seeds are pooled and supplied through KVK. Since individual units are accredited as KVK’s Satellite seed production units, farmers can also sell directly. The customers will get a bill also from farmers. This arrangement is to make the units authentic.

The inauguration was done by Prof. K.V. Thomas MP while Adv. V.D. Satheeshan handed over the KVK accreditation certificates and bill books to farmers. Dr. A Gopalakrishnan Director, CMFRI, Dr. Sreenath Dixith, Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute, Bangalore,Dr. Shinoj Subramannian, Head KVK , Dr. Vikas P.A, Subject Matter Specialists were present.

Prof.K.V.Thomas, MP inaugurating the pearlspot seed production unit.JPG



KVK to weed public ponds by growing Fish

Many of our fresh water resources particularly ponds are not in a usable condition due to excessive growth of aquatic weeds.  There are approximately 140 species of aquatic weeds in our water bodies.  Among these Salvinia, hydrilla & Pistia are the most detrimental to fresh water resources. There are many weedicides available in the market to control this.  However, they cause damage to the fish stock and also to the ecosystem. There is an innovative technology by growing certain species of fresh water fish which feed on the above species of weeds.  The common name of this fish is Grass Carp, species is Ctenopharyngodon idella.   This fish feed aquatic weeds upto the extent of 2 to 3 times of its body weight and it grows upto 50kgs. Since this fish cannot breed in the ponds, its management is easy.  A pond of 1 acre size filled with aquatic weeds requires 20 Grass Carp fish only. 

Demonstration of this technology initiated by ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Ernakulam) of CMFRI at Thripunithura, Perunninakkulam Shiva temple pond, which has an extent of 1.2 acre.  Grass carp fish fingerlings were released during a function held on 6th December 2016. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, Director, ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute.  The Head of KVK Dr.Shinoj Subramannian, Fisheries Subject matter specialist Dr. Vikas P.A. were present.

Dr. A.Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI inaugurating the programme.JPG

     Dr A. Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI inaugurating the programme 

Dr. A.Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI releasing grass carp fish fingerlings.JPG   

Dr A Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI releasing the fish fingerlings in pond

ICAR-KVK Ernakulam of CMFRI celebrated World soil day: Launched Drip irrigation kit

      The World soil day celebration of ICAR-KVK Ernakulam of ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi, Kerala was held at Palluruthy, Ernakulam on 5th December 2016. Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly from Kochi, Shri K.J. Maxy inaugurated the programme and also launched KVK’s new Drip irrigation kit (irrigateasy). Smt. Hema Prahladan, Councillor, Kochi Corporation presided over. Dr.Shinoj Subramannian, Senior Scientist & Head of KVK, Dr.R.Narayanakumar, Principal Scientist & Head of SEETD division of CMFRI were present.  An yearly calendar for Nutmeg farming indicating monthwise recommendations was also released during the programme. A seminar on soil test based fertilizer application followed.

           Irrigateasy is a micro irrigation kit suitable for irrigating kitchen gardens upto 1 cent area or 80 growbags. The unit can be connected to existing plumbing line or to a separate water storage. The basic concept behind introducing this kit is to make the kitchen gardening easy, particularly for non traditional farmers with a view to attract them to self farming for safe food production. An electronic control system can be added to automate the unit. The kit that can be installed easily works under low pressure or in gravity flow. The flow to each drip line can be controlled. The whole unit is portable and can be shifted easily. The modular design helps to expand it to bigger area. The cost of the unit that contains 50 meter drip tape, 6 end caps, 5 connectors with loack & valve, 2 meter connecting hose, take off with control valve along with a CD on installation procedure is only INR 500/- The kit would be available for purchase from KVK salescounter located at ICAR-CMFRI in 2 weeks time.

World soil day address by Shri1.JPG

                                      World soil day address by Shri K J Maxy, MLA, Ernakulam

Shri.K.J.Maxy MLA, Kochi launching Ernakulam KVK drip kit-Irrigateasy.JPG                            Shri.K.J.Maxy MLA, Kochi launching Ernakulam KVK drip  kit-Irrigateasy

Dr.R.Narayanakumar, Principal Scientist & Head, SEETD CMFRI releasing KVK Annual calender on Nutmeg farming.JPG                      Dr.R.Narayanakumar, Principal Scientist & Head, SEETD  CMFRI releasing

                                                KVK Annual calender on Nutmeg farming


KVK'S Aqua Task Force launched during World fisheries day celebrations

As part of World Fisheries Day celebrations, the Krishi Vigyan Kendra Ernakulam of ICAR- Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has launched “Aqua Task Force” named Kadamakudy Malsya Karma Sena on November 21st 2016 at Pizhala. The Aquatask Force is a group of youngsters trained by KVK to undertake various works to assist fish farmers on payment basis. They would be working under the technical guidance of KVK experts. Dr. A Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI launched the group. Smt. Shalini Babu, President, Kadamakkudy grama panchayath presided over and Dr. Shinoj Subramannian, Sr.Scientist and Head, KVK, Dr.P.A.Vikas Subject Matter Specialist-Fisheries were present. The seminar and discussion on Cage Aquaculture followed. For availing the services of the task force, KVK can be contacted @ 8281757450. The task force would be capable of assisting farmers in farm design, cage fabrication, cleaning, pond preparation, seed sourcing, quality control, feed selection, etc. KVK will assist the task force in project preparation for availing bank loans for aquaculture projects. A hand book on FAQs on cage farming and a leaflet on GIFT Tilapia farming were released. These publications can be purchased from KVK sales counter at CMFRI.

Launching of Aqua task force-Dr.A Gopalakrishnan, Director CMFRI handing over certificate to the group.JPG

Launching of KVK Aqua Task Force by Dr.A.GopalaKrishnan, Director ,CMFRI

Hand Book release FAQ on cage culture.JPG

Release of Handbook on FAQs on Cage culture

KVK conducted Seedling sales mela

The ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Ernakulam) conducted Seedling sales mela at CMFRI, Kochi on 9th November, 2016. The programme was conducted as part of KVK’s Self farming for Safe food programme. 4500 ready-to-plant vegetable seedlings (Tomato, Brinjal, Chilly, Okra, cool season vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower), 150 Coconut seedlings(Dwarf and tall)  and 100 lime seedlings were sold.


Seedling Sales mela at CMFRI

State fisheries department officials on Exposure visit to KVK

The Sub-inspectors of fisheries 30 in number visited KVK Narakkal campus on 15th July 2016. They were deputed from National Institute of Fisheries Administration and Management (NIFAM) Staff training centre,Aluva as part of a training programme. Advancements made by KVK in fisheries sector were briefed.


Training on Horticultural Mechanization

The ICAR-KVK, Ernakulam of CMFRI jointly with Regional Centre of ICAR-Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE), Coimbatore has conducted a one day training programme on Horticultural Mechanization for women. Demonstration of potting mixture preparation machine, mechanization package for minimal processing of Banana central core, back-pack mounted harvesting tool and garden tiller were arranged. An expert team from CIAE comprising of Dr. S.Jacob Annamalai, Principal Scientist & Head, Dr. Ravindra Naik, Principal Scientist and Dr. T.Senthilkumar, Senior Scientist interacted with the trainees. Dr. A.Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI distributed certificates.


Demonstration of various Horticultural machineries