Externally funded projects

1) Project on Formation and nurturing of two Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) in Pokkali farming and Nutmeg farming

Funding Agency:  National Bank for Agriculture and Rural development (NABARD).

KVK is acting as POPI for two farmer producer companies viz; Pokkali farmer producer company and Nutmeg farmer producer company.

Pokkali farmer’s producer company

Activities under the project: Formation of farmers’ company and taking up activities such as Pokkali paddy, shrimp and fish seed production, stocking & supply, centralized nursery, Custom hiring of machinery, pumpsets, supply of fish cages, feed, consultancy, procurement of shrimp, fish and paddy, branding Pokkali in single trade mark, Paddy value added product manufacturing& marketing, fish marketing, establishing exclusive Pokkali sales outlet in Kochi city.

Nutmeg farmer’s producer company

Activities under the project: Formation of farmers’ company and taking up activities such as Nutmeg graft production & supply, Custom hiring of machinery, Agro input shop, Establishment of collection centres, Drying and processing units, Branding of the produce, Obtaining export license and export of nutmeg and products.

Total outlay of the project is Rs. 18.01 lakhs


2) Project on Skill Development Training to Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) of Poverty Alleviation Unit, Ernakulam

Funding Agency:  Poverty Alleviation Unit, Ernakulam

Immediate objective: To impart training to such a level that the trainees would be able to undertake safe-to eat vegetable cultivation by their own.

Long term target: This programme can form base for collective marketing of safe-to-eat vegetables towards livelihood security of participating candidates.  This may require further intensive trainings and orientation sessions in second phase.

Total project outlay is Rs.4.45 lakhs.

3)  Collaborative Project on Enhancing the Economic Viability of Coconut Based Land Use Systems for Land Use Planning in Kerala State

Funding Agency: Kerala State Planning Board, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram. It is a multi-institutional collaborative project.

Lead Institute: National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning (NBSS&LUP, ICAR)

Collaborating Institutes:

1. Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI, ICAR)

2. Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (CTCRI, ICAR)

3. Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR, ICAR)

4. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kayamkulam

5. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kozhikkode

6. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ernakulam

7. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Pathanamthitta

8. Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITMK, Kerala).

Objective and scope of the project

  The overall objective of the project is to test and demonstrate, in farmer’s fields across the diverse agro-ecosystems of the state, that through appropriate external inputs and agronomic management, the productivity of coconut and coconut based mixed farming systems can be substantially enhanced and the debilitating diseases can be kept at bay. To meet the overall objective the following specific objectives are set forth.

  1. Scientific documentation of soil related constraints to coconut production, and nutritional status of palms in the distinct agro-ecological units of the state. About 7 agro-ecological units across the state shall be considered and in each of them surface and subsoil acidity, plant available macro-secondary and micro-nutrient content shall be assessed. Also envisaged under this objective is the analysis of plant tissue (leaves) for their nutrient content.
  2. Development of Best Management Practices (BMP), from the scientific study mentioned in (1), for coconut and selected intercrops. The intercrops considered are spices, tuber crops, and banana.
  3. Validation and demonstration of the BMP for enhancing crop production in farmer’s fields in the selected agro-ecological units.

The total outlay of the project is Rs.11.88 lakhs.


4) Project on Development of Pearl Spot Seed Production Facility at KVK and Establishment of Satellite Centres in Prospective Farmers Fields

Funding Agency: National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB).

Objective of the project

  • To establish facility for mass scale production of Pearl spot (Karimeen) seeds and its supply to the farmers.
  • To establish Satellite pearl spot seed production units at farmers fields to ensure mass level seed production.
  • To provide hands on training to farmers on Pearl spot seed production using the created facilities

The total outlay of the project is Rs.12.855 lakhs.

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